About Us
Grand Deniz Turizm;
ArLocated at the intersection of the Lake Van with its unique blueness and beauty, and the Mount Artos with its rebellious posture, the Grand Deniz Tourism Facility is built on an area of 20.000 m2 with a capacity to accommodate over 1000 people; 750 people at its outdoor restaurant, 200 people at its terrace restaurant, 80 people at its indoor restaurant and 70 people at its special boat located on earth for a different experience. Our facility has an infrastructure of 100 m2 area for kitchen and bakery, 5 restrooms for gentlemen and 5 for ladies, 4 showers with 24 hours water supply, and parking lot for 500 cars. The Grand Deniz is a special tourism facility where our guests will taste diligently chosen and prepared local food with traditional eastern hospitality, and professional service.

Boat Trip
* The Island of Ahtamara* The Island of Çarpanak* The Island of Kuzu * Altınsaç (Kansaq) Ground Sea* The Peninsula of Deveboynu* Blue Lake Trips
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